Well done. You found me.

Whether you are new to this world or have many years experience, I expect politeness and respect at all times. 


There is no excuse for rudeness.  

Only over 25s need apply.

When you have carefully read all parts of this site you are to apply to serve.

If your answers please me you will be contacted and allowed to propose some dates.

To secure your booking with me a deposit will be taken.


I always allow time on either side of play, for socialising, shower and wind down.


If you wish to adore and worship me from afar or would like to propose on-line ownership, the best way to begin is by sending me a gift, gifts make me very happy.

Click here for My Wishlist.


First sessions are held at the gorgeous Brighton Dungeon

A discreet location in the heart of Brighton, East Sussex


"Lady Lush…where do I start. From the moment we started to communicate she captivated me. When I am lucky enough to serve before her I am lead down a delicious and magical path. Time blurs and after a while I don’t even know where I am, there is only her.
Confident and fun, my Queen makes me feel so safe"